1) Invitation

The Organizing Committee is very pleased to invite to the:


"International-Mexican Congress on Chemical Reaction Engineering (IMCCRE 2020)”



which will take place in the city of  Zacatecas, México, on November 22-25, 2020.


IMCCRE 2020 will provide:


  • A forum in which representatives of academia, industry and research centers, working in the field of Chemical Reaction Engineering can exchange ideas and information
  • An opportunity for researchers and engineering practitioners to present and discuss recent results and new developments
  • Implications of technological innovations for future work on modeling complex processes
  • An opportunity for organizations to showcase products and services to key industry personnel and to network with existing and potential clients and colleagues





We strongly encourage all the scientific community to submit abstracts for oral or poster presentations at this upcoming IMCCRE 2020.


We look very much forward to seeing you in Zacatecas, México in November 2020.

Truly yours,



















Chairmen of IMCCRE 2020


International - Mexican Congress on Chemical Reaction Engineering - 2020