9) Symposium Venue



If you are looking for a beautiful place for visit, Zacatecas is your choice: a colonial treasure declared a World Heritage Site for its architecture, its urban layout and the irregular alignment of its streets. The city of beautiful pink quarry stone encompasses magic, tradition and charm.


It has a large variety of tourist attractions, too numerous to mention, since it offers religious, historical and cultural venues, ecotourism, bull routes, mezcal routes, in addition to the festivities and traditions that surround this unique destination. When visiting Zacatecas be sure to ride in a cable car, connecting the Cerro de la Bufa to the Cerro del Grillo and offers you an unmatched view of the beautiful city.


If what you are looking for is fun and high-energy activities, visit the Sierra de Órganos National Park where you can go hiking, camping and mountain biking.



International - Mexican Congress on Chemical Reaction Engineering - 2020